CASCON 2010 has been a fruitful one, it was there which I had my abstract published at ACM, I chaired for a conference for the first time. I had prepare weeks on my topic – which was clearly not enough and I was still as nervous as hell during the presentation.  My presentation was on cache-oblivious algorithms. “A cache-oblivious algorithm (or cache-transcendent algorithm) is an algorithm designed to use the CPU cache without having the size of the cache (or the length of the cache lines, etcetera) as an explicit parameter.”  as described by wikipedia. To present a topic, I had to understood the cache-oblivious algos completely, and it was not easy at all, since cache-oblivious algorithms are fairly new concepts. I was learning most of the material off this paper and 2 lectures videos from MIT, some of the algorithms were trivial, while others tooks days to understand the basic. The evaluation of my presentation not all positive, some people thought it was too deep into the algorithms. I hope to learn from this experience and improve my presentation skill for future workshops; for whatever conference it might be.

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